Wills and Probate Case Management Software

How DPS Spitfire Wills and Probate Case Management System can make your probate team more efficient

Wills & Probate Case Management Software

Draft wills in minutes

Create wills and mirror wills in seconds, with necessary clauses automatically assembled into a professional quality will.

Automatic Form Completion

Automatic Form Completion

IHT forms and schedules of assets can be produced and automatically completed for you in a matter of seconds.

Document Assembly

Easy Document Assembly

Generate letters, forms and documents quickly and easily with minimal input

Generate Estate Accounts

Estate Accounts

Estate accounts are automatically created as a MS Excel™ spreadsheet allowing further edits if needed

Document Management Software

Flexible Precedent Library

All of our precedents can easily be amended to your specification

Wills & Probate Case Management Software

Create Trusts and LPAs

We also have the option for you to create Trusts and LPAs from within your case management software

Will Drafting Software

DPS Will Drafting makes will creation as simple as abc. Fill in some data screens then hit a button. All the necessary clauses are automatically pulled together and assembled into a professional quality will or mirror will. Simple or complex wills are treated in same way though of course more data is necessary for the complex will.

Document Assembly and Database

This module produces all the letters, forms and documents that you need. It really is comprehensive and contains a huge pre-existing precedent bank. Our software looks at a case and decides which clauses and paragraphs to use. Then it automatically builds documents tailored to your specific entered data. Of course, in this case it makes Will Drafting an absolute breeze!

The database is held so you are not re-keying details such as place of marriage, name of children, executors, beneficiaries and so on.  So, we use contact details for all standard information making it easy to recreate a will time and time again.

Probate Software

DPS Probate Software saves time and automates the processes in a probate case. This includes producing all the IHT forms, schedules of assets and estate accounts with minimal fuss.

There is a huge number of time consuming and repetitive work involved in a probate case. Our Probate Software cuts this out and automates it. It has all the standard benefits of a DPS application such as quick, automated efficient production of letters, forms and documents. Diarisation of tasks, monitoring work completed and keeping all case contacts updated.

Minimal data entry for maximum return. Never enter the same data twice, never enter data that can be worked out!

This is all standard for DPS applications, but the probate module goes further by also producing the estate accounts in MS Excel™ allowing further editing if needed.

Probate Software – Key features

Document Assembly and Management

Our probate software is fully loaded with a full set of standard precedents including  documents, forms and letters. These are then all automatically completed for you with merged information fully completed.

The supplied precedents include letters to all contacts. Utility & life assurance companies, banks, building societies and stock brokers. Funeral directors, accountants, executors or trustees, local authorities, employers and any other party involved.

IHT forms, Schedules of Assets, Liabilities & Gifts

Enter the data once and DPS Probate produces all the required estate accounts & IHT forms in PDF and MS Excel™ as needed. So you get complete schedules of Assets, Liabilities and Gifts. It then picks the IHT forms you need according to the information you entered and uses the information to complete them for you as well!


Although, DPS Probate comes complete with a standard precedent library, it is extremely flexible. You change all our templates or add your own. It really is as easy as editing a Word File. This allows you to keep complete control and adapt the system as and when necessary, to suit your needs.

Quality Management Standards

The workflows mean you can easily meet quality standards and such as ISO 9002 or Lexcel. In fact, you can be as workflow system driven or fee earner driven as you please.


  • The DPS Spitfire Wills and Probate Case Management Software lets you make wills in minutes
  • The system comes with workflows and templates to help you manage probate cases more effectively
  • Forms and documents are automatically completed for you
  • Create Trusts and LPAs quickly and easily

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