Document Management for Law Firms

How DPS Spitfire makes Legal Document Management a Doddle

Global Docuiment Search

Global Document Search

Search a phrase within a document and the system will search through the content of every document, including email attachments in moments.

Securely share documents


Securely store and share documents, with 50GB of storage space.

Court and Core Bundling


Create fully paginated and indexed court and core bundles in seconds.


  • You can find any document you are looking for quickly and easily in DPS Spitfire
  • Achieve a paperless office as everything is stored digitally in the cloud
  • You can sign and share documents digitally
  • Your clients can sign documents and return them to you digitally
  • You can create court and core bundles in just a matter of seconds
  • You can manage your documents more effectively

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Find documents easily

For firms and legal departments of all sizes, it is important to manage your documents effectively. Gone are the days of documents being printed on paper and stored in paper files. You are too busy to be searching through reams of paper, you need these documents ready for you at your fingertips.

With DPS Spitfire, they are.

You can easily find any document on a matter with a simple search. You don’t even need to know the name of the document. Simply search for a phrase from within the document and DPS Spitfire will show you all of the documents, including any emails and attachments, that contain that search term, with the phrase highlighted for you.

You don’t then need to spend hours opening countless documents. You can filter your search even further, you can preview the documents and when you find the right one, in a single click you can either go to the matter, edit the document or share it with a third party.

Share documents securely

You can quickly and easily share legal documents with clients and other third parties in DPS Spitfire. Using our Safebox application, you have up to 50GB of storage space for documents, which can be shared by the click of a button.

You can also share legal documents to our client portal as an email attachment. When sharing as an email attachment, you also have the option to convert a document into a PDF beforehand to prevent any edits being made to the document.

With our sign and share feature, not only can you share a document, but you can digitally sign it first, meaning that you never have to print that document, saving you time, toner and paper. Using Spitfire’s integration with either Adobe Sign or Docusign, you can then send that document to the client for signing. They can do this on their phone or tablet, by either typing, drawing with their finger or taking a picture of their signature. You both instantly receive the signed copy of the document, which of course is automatically stored in the File History, with a full audit trail.

You can see this in action on our webinar here.

Court and core e-bundling

Bundling in DPS Spitfire is simple. No longer do you have to collate paper files and hand write page numbers. With DPS Spitfire, you select which files you want included in the court bundle, drag and drop them into the appropriate order and hit bundle.

You will then be presented with a pdf document, fully paginated and indexed. The contents page is also hyperlinked, to make it easier for you and other users in court to find the correct page. We have worked with the courts to make sure that your e-bundles are fully compliant with court requirements and are in an appropriate format.

You can also create core bundles, giving you just the important, high level documents that you need.

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