General Matter Management

The DPS matter management solution is essentially our DPS Spitfire Software but adapted for legal work which does not conform to a pre-determined workflow or workflows.

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This system provides a quick and simple method for managing case files and also provides an excellent platform for development should the firm wish to create new precedent documents or libraries for niche areas of work.

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Our solution enables fee earners to optimise the number of matters they can handle efficiently, whilst simultaneously reducing the time needed to process the matter to its full conclusion.

Make your legal team more efficient

Flexible Amendable Software


Can be customised to suit your firms specific needs.

Document Assembly

Document Assembly

Intelligent document production engine drafts documents for you.

Law Firm Software - Time Recording App - Legal Case Management App

Auto Costing and Tracking

Automatically record all of your time and expenses and access in an instant for billing.

Automatic Form Completion

Electronic Form Completion

Complete all forms electronically with data pre-populated from the system.

Law Firm Software - Legal Accounts Software

Accounts Integration

Full accounts integration makes life for your fee earners and cashiers much easier.

Email Integration - Matter Management Software

Email Integration

Automatically save emails to the file history and find info on a case in one click.

Automatic Case Costing and Tracking

As a by-product, DPS will automatically cost the letter, record each action taken on the letter, such as the letter being sent out, as well as post reminders of future actions to be taken.

Additional features include the full time recording facility incorporated within the system. You can choose one of two options in which your time can be recorded. Time can be entered by manual input on the screen or on an integral ‘clock’ button which allows you to click on and off as necessary to avoid missed and inaccurate time recordings.

A record of disbursements, telephone calls and correspondence is maintained. This information can be displayed in an instance for any matter and is available for billing purposes.


Designed as a framework, which can be tailored to suit the diverse range of needs from the small high street law firm up to the legal departments in large commercial organisations.

The unparalleled flexibility of the product ensures that it can be customised to suit individual or firms needs and not vice versa.

Document Assembly

The DPS matter management software is supplied with a precedent standard library to enable documents, forms and letters to be automatically assembled by DPS.

The system uses an ‘intelligent’ document production engine to select paragraphs and sentences to draft documents. This reduces the time spent on manually completing many time-consuming aspects, to provide substantial time savings to your firm.

Electronic Forms Completion

A unique option for removing the need for pre-printed stationery. Our matter management software allows documents and forms to be printed automatically onto plain paper with all case details completed.

Documents and forms prepared in this manner, avoid the costly errors connected with poor printer management and high storage space requirements.

Accounts Integration

Our matter management software integrates seamlessly with DPS Financial Director Accounting system to give you a complete legal office system for all users within your firm.

DPS presents you with the option to add our legal accounting software at a later date, should your future circumstances need to facilitate an accounts system. The benefit of the integration is real-time and bi-directional, so any updates made on one system are automatically accepted and updated on the other system.

E-mail Integration

DPS integrates with the Microsoft® Outlook e-mail system to allow instant communication with your clients and their case files. The integration enables you to save incoming e-mail messages directly onto case files by simply dragging and dropping the message(s) onto the relevant file(s) in one easy step. It also allows you to send e-mails through DPS, which in turn, are automatically saved on the file you are working on.


  • Perfect for legal work that doesn’t conform to pre-determined workflows
  • Increase efficiency of fee earners
  • Highly customisable
  • Automatic time recording and costing features

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