"The savings made in the criminal department alone are huge"

Company Profile

Company Name: Biscoes

Number of Users: 80

Number of Offices: 7

Location(s): Portsmouth, Gosport, Petersfield, Portchester, Ryde, Waterlooville, Wickham

Practice Areas: Commercial, Conveyancing, Crime, Family, Immigration, intellectual Property, Personal Injury, Wills & Probate

Software Used:

When Portsmouth law firm Biscoes looked at their IT infrastructure in 2002 they clearly identified that they  needed to improve it immensely if they wanted to achieve their ambitious expansion plans.

Biscoes were then a 3 office practice with 80 staff; they had no practice wide case management solution and used Axxia for their accounts and practice management.

Jacqui Ivemy, the firms’ head of accounts said, “Axxia provided us with a very reliable accounts solution, but we knew that we needed a far more comprehensive practice solution than just an accounts solution.”

Jacqui Ivemy and Mathew Smith were tasked with searching the market for a comprehensive solution to meet the firms’ requirements.

The Software

They narrowed their search to 3 systems, Axxia, Videss and Outlook Office from DPS. After lengthy, and necessary, due diligence they entered into a contract worth £300,000 with DPS Software for the provision of a case and accounts systems throughout the practice.

At the time this was a huge commitment for the firm, the promise was to deliver a completely unified practice IT infrastructure that would deliver enough savings to repay the investment within 30 months of installation.

Case systems were installed for Conveyancing, Personal Injury, Crime, Family, Remortgage and Probate. All of these case systems fully integrate to their legal accounts software.

Jacqui Ivemy says, The savings made in the criminal department alone are huge, we do not have to re-key any DS6 or 7 billing information, the fee earners put in their time, the software produces the CDS6, then we post it straight into he accounts system and receipt it, all using precisely 3 mouse clicks.

That aspect alone took up to 4 days of time before we installed the new software.”

The hardware infrastructure took nearly 2 months to install, including linking all the offices into a centralised ‘thin client’ system.

To ensure minimum practice disruption both DPS engineers and Biscoes staff worked weekends to achieve a problem free installation.


Improved productivity rapidly followed which enabled Biscoes to take over other practices and generally increase business and profits.
The first of these was in April 2004 when they took over King and Franckeiss to become Biscoes King & Franckeiss, further acquisitions followed with the merger of Covers and Wilkinsons.

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