Criminal Law Case Management Software BNG Law

“I have no maintenance headaches with the hosted solution and I can relax in the knowledge that everything is pretty much managed for me.”

Company Profile

Company Name: Bailey Nicholson Grayson

Number of Users:

Number of Offices: 3

Location(s): London

Practice Areas: Crime

Software Used: Outlook Office, Financial Director, TeamTalk, DPS Cloud

Bailey Nicholson Grayson are a firm of solicitors specialising in Criminal Law, representing clients detained at police stations and clients who are attending court or prison.

BNG Law first started using DPS Crime Case Management Software over 10 years ago and have since integrated our legal accounting software and opted for a hosted solution with DPSCloud. With support and assistance by DPS, BNG have flourished into a successful firm who are now spread across three offices.

The Software

The DPS Crime case management software offers fee earners automated case costing and tracking with all records carried forward to produce CDS6, CDS7 and Crown Court Bills or private bills.

These forms are fully integrated and are completely automated at the touch of a button. Microsoft Outlook, email and case file integration provides a familiar working environment for a user which allows instant communication with contacts on the file.

Jo Sargeant, IT Practice Manager at BNG commented “DPS are quick to respond to changes introduced by the LAA and often I hear about an update from DPS before I hear about it from the LAA. 

New releases are loaded for me and accompanied by comprehensive release notes that I can issue where applicable to users.”

DPSCloud: Working from Remote Devices

BNG Law’s growth meant they needed to accommodate home working, email, remote text services, remote connectivity, collaboration with council, digital dictation and of course integrated case management and accounts.

Thankfully DPS were able to supply a cloud computing solution, meet their needs and continue to support each branch still to this day.

I have no maintenance headaches with the hosted solution and I can relax in the knowledge that everything is pretty much managed for me.” said Sargeant.

The firm also uses the following software packages as part of the hosted solution:

Team Talk is the digital dictation system provided by DPS which is fully integrated into case management. BNG use Team Talk across all their offices, saving them the time it would take to employ secretarial staff and the money to fund them.

MS Exchange and Office systems: DPS also host BNG Law’s Exchange and Office systems, Jo said

Our users simply log in to the DPS Citrix hosted environment to access their whole desktop solution including email, word processing and case management. I don’t have to worry about keeping versions up to date, licensing, disaster recovery or potential compatibility issues.”


Overall the DPS hosted system is a great solution for our business with 3 offices sharing resources in some instances. I personally split my time between the office and home and have access to everything I need with a very simple one-off client install onto my laptop.” Jo Sargeant concluded.

With case management, accounts and being a user of DPSCloud, BNG are a prime example of a firm who is benefiting from DPS Software’s one-stop-shop approach to an outsourced IT solution.

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