"I would describe the wills application from DPS as very user-friendly."

Company Profile

Company Name: Country Gentleman's Association

Number of Users:

Number of Offices: 1

Location(s): Warminster

Practice Areas: Wills & Probate

Software Used: Outlook Office, Financial Director, DPS Cloud

The 14,500 member- strong Country Gentlemen’s Association have chosen our technology solutions in an effort to maintain their century-long tradition of providing outstanding services to their membership body. They are one of the latest ABSs to embrace our managed IT solution for their legal department.

User-Friendly Will Drafting

The association are using our will drafting software, a product which, according to James Baker, Solicitor and Managing Partner at the CGA, "takes away the time-consuming nature of drafting wills".

DPS Wills takes the solicitor through the logical steps involved by the process thus minimising the risk of errors and, being continuously updated, it ensures that the final result will always comply with the latest legislation.

"I would describe the wills application from DPS as very user-friendly." said Mr Baker.

james Baker, Managing Director, Country Gentleman's Association
james Baker, Managing Director, Country Gentleman's Association

Our integrated legal accounting software- Financial Director– complements our case management system. It allows CGA users with no accounting background to easily record financial transactions as and when these occur and match them against the right files in DPS.

The link between the two systems makes the billing side of the legal work very straightforward and easy to complete for fee earners.  

The legal department of the CGA have also opted for DPSCloud, our managed IT solution. This relieves themselves from the burden of managing technology in-house.

By going hosted with DPS, they are also observing the SRA requirements that the CGA legal data should not be held on the same server as the data from the other CGA group companies. Off-site hosting therefore provided a simple solution for them.


Based in Warminster, Wiltshire, the CGA was established more than 120 years ago for the purpose of representing and serving the interests of its members through a unique combination of services such as expert legal and financial advice and small estate management. Many things have changed in the meantime such as the technology that they employ to deliver these services.

We are proud to count the Country Gentlemen’s Association as a client and as one of the latest ABSs to select our legal software. We applaud their choice and use of technology, as they continue to develop their legal department and their offer and we trust that this partnership will enable them to achieve their goals during the years to come.

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