"The ability to use tasks to monitor the service we provide is a priceless management tool"

Company Profile

Company Name: Elite Law Solicitors

Number of Users:

Number of Offices: 2

Location(s): Amersham, London

Practice Areas: Conveyancing, Family, Legal Costs, Wills & Probate

Software Used: Outlook Office, Financial Director, MyLegalSpace, DPS Cloud

Remote Working

Elite Law Solicitors of Amersham/Central London who incorporate HM Law Costs Draftsmen pride themselves on providing the best and most comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ legal costs service available anywhere in the UK. With over 20 years of experience in this market, they know how to maximise solicitors’ earnings from a case file.

When they started looking for case management solutions to help manage their business, they looked at the whole market.

They wanted to give their staff (including consultants), a proper IT framework to manage their cases and workload as well as the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the country.

The solution

They chose ‘One Office’ the market leading practice management solution from DPS and then decided to have it all delivered as a fully hosted solution by dpscloud.

By setting up workflows in the DPS case management systemtasks are created automaticallyallowing the management team to see who is completing them and when therefore ensuring time frames are adhered to and client care is kept at the forefront of everything Elite Law do.

James Scozzi, Managing Director of Elite Law Solicitors
James Scozzi, Managing Director of Elite Law Solicitors and President of the Surrey Law Society

"The DPS case management system enables us to ensure a high level service to all our clients.

By providing all users with the same pool of precedents and resources, such as Precedent Letters, pre-populated Court forms etc., we are able to offer our clients a more efficient service.

The ability to use tasks to monitor the service we provide is also a priceless management tool" said James Scozzi, Managing Partner.


He is also using the Profit Costs and Time Management reports available in Financial Director– DPS’s legal accounting software– in order to monitor his firm’s performance on a monthly/quarterly basis as well as monitor the work-in-progress and the time recorded on matters for each costs specialist.

"We do a lot of fixed-fee work, so knowing how much time a fee earner spends on a file and comparing this with the corresponding bills is vital to us.

This particular information gives us a clear insight on their productivity/time management and ultimately, on our firm’s profitability.

It also helps us to ensure that our bills- even though fixed- are a true reflection of the amount of work we put in." said James.

Client Portal

mylegalspace, the client portal solution from DPS, assists Elite Law in delivering a smooth service by allowing clients a secure way to view the work that is being done on their files. This is particularly useful for cases where Elite negotiate costs on behalf of their clients. 

The system sends out automatic notifications whenever the case is updated, keeping everyone informed with minimum effort from the costs specialists but maximum reward for the clients.

The conclusion

The above-mentioned solutions are provided as part of DPS Cloudthe managed IT solution that Elite Law Solicitors employ in order to relieve themselves of the responsibility of managing their technology and safeguarding their data in-house.

The provision of these software products over the cloud, in a completely secure environment, means that the lawyers have the ability to work from anywhere and deal with urgent matters, as and when instructed to do so by their clients.

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