Equilaw Conveyancing Case Management Software

"Our relationship with DPS, and the support of their staff, has been excellent"

Company Profile

Company Name: Equilaw

Number of Users:

Number of Offices: 1

Location(s): Gloucester

Practice Areas: Equity Release

Software Used: Outlook Office, MyLegalSpace, DPS Cloud

The launch of a new law firm is an exciting time for those involved but one which also holds various challenges for the founders and staff. This was certainly the case for DPS client, Equilaw Ltd, a Gloucestershire firm with a national presence in the equity release sector.

As the only law firm in the country specialising solely in equity release, it has succeeded in building a strong brand and a national presence.

The Equilaw brand was created by Claire Barker in early 2007 to promote the work of the existing equity release team within Rickerbys Solicitors, which Claire originally created in 2001. Equilaw LLP was hived out from Rickerbys LLP in April 2008 and, in May 2010, Claire Barker, Simon David and Simon Thomas completed a Management Buy-Out that established Equilaw as an independent, limited company with Simon, Simon and Claire heading it up.

“When Equilaw first came in to existence, and through to the present day, the major challenge has been to build and maintain a good reputation in the sector we operate in.” says Claire Barker.

“We needed to gain recognition for the brand and one key way of doing this is by ensuring we provide a level of service to our clients that is second to none. This is why selecting DPS Software to supply our case management systems was an extremely important decision in the firm’s development.”

The Software

The Equilaw management team chose DPS due to their previous experiences with the case management system and their belief it could support their staff in providing the service they aimed for.

DPS allowed them to back up their customer service skills and wealth of product knowledge with a fully case managed system that has been integrated with mylegalspace so clients are able to track their cases online.

Claire explains: “The setting up of any case management system can be a difficult process but our relationship with DPS, and the support of their staff, has been excellent. We have been able to tailor our systems and workflow to our exact specifications before taking advantage of the range of training options offered by DPS to make sure our staff knew exactly how to maximise the benefits of the system.”


Despite the recession Equilaw has grown to a point where it now enjoys a significant share of the national market and still retains the same ambition for growth it had at start-up.

This is testament to the hard work and dedication of the Equilaw team and DPS is proud to have provided the systems and technical support they have needed during the development of the firm.

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