"My team is more efficient and saves hours of time using the automated features available in FD"

Hawkins Hatton was formed in 2006 with the ambition of being different, a new type of law firm. They wanted to deliver results for their clients and run a smooth business with slick working procedures. They knew they needed a system to math that ambition and chose to adopt Access software.

Sharon Mullarkey, Account Manager at DPS said, ‘I’ve known the team at Hawkins Hatton forever. They really know what they want and when we first installed the software it provided for their every operational need.”

However, as times changed Access stayed the same. A lack of development, whilst also failing to keep up with changing legislation and processes needed from law firms means that the system was no longer suitable. But all was not lost. DPS had since developed new legal accounting software, Financial Director, that exceeded STA standards, allowed for electronic VAT submission and made the accounts team more efficient at the same time. Hawkins Hatton decided to make the move to FD.

Hawkins Hatton saw this move as beneficial to their firm as there was a simpler user interface as well as being packed with functions to help them analyse their performance on an everyday basis.




Colin Rodrigues who heads up the Corporate Department was part of the team that selected DPS FD. Colin runs the marketing and development of the department and deals with corporate clients. “We recognised that though Access was excellent for what it did, the business needed to upgrade and move with the times, so moving to Financial Director was a no-brainer.”


Harminder Sandh who is head of the Dispute Resolution Department, said, “FD is more advanced than our older Access system. It gives us electronic chit submission, multi-stage approvals & a full audit trail.”

“All this means my team is more efficient and saves hours of time using automated features like invoice creation, supplier payments, bank reconciliation & land registry import. these are the reasons we chose to upgrade to Financial Director, in 2019.”

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Jo Cox, Head of Accounts and Colin agreed and said, “FD gives us Lexcel compliant financial snapshot of a fee earner’s matters, automated fee earners reviews. We can record time from anywhere at the click of a button with the DPS ‘Floating Timer’ and we also get a rich set of reports and dashboards that give us a full picture of the financial health of the business. It clearly shows who’s performing well, who isn’t and what savings can be made.”

Transitioning from one software to the next can be a difficult task but Hawkins Hatton felt a seamless shift over to FD from Access due to the large amount of support and guidance from the DPS team. Both Harminder and Jo said that the support does not just stop after going live with DPS, but has remained the same throughout their partnership with DPS.


In all, Financial Director gives Hawkins Hatton a clearer link between work being done and the money coming in. They can respond to challenging client deadlines with the increased efficiency that FD has brought them whilst having an accurate view of their firm’s profitability.

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