"We have improved our efficiency tenfold."

Company Profile

Company Name: Naomi Mehmet & Partners

Number of Users: 10

Number of Offices: 2

Location(s): North Cyprus

Practice Areas: Conveyancing, Litigation, Wills & Probate

Software Used: Outlook Office, Financial Director

Naomi Mehmet & Partners are a firm of legal advisers and advocates based in Northern Cyprus serving a wide base of private and corporate clients and foreign investors across a broad range of industries and territories.

With two offices, one in Kyrenia and the other in Famagusta, Naomi Mehmet & Partners have rapidly grown their business from a standing start to one of the largest in North Cyprus.

With this growth, the firm realised that to manage their ambitious plans they had to adopt electronic case management and accounts technology. 

The Software

Since the firm’s work is almost entirely email-based, they decided to implement our fully Outlook-integrated case management system which fitted seamlessly with their existing working practices as it is embedded directly into MS Outlook.

Commenting on the Outlook Office System, Naomi Mehmet said “We have strong reasons for wanting to advance the firm’s efficiency. One of the main reasons for choosing this software was to improve efficiency when processing the purchase of a property.

The time taken from offer to completion on a Cyprus property can take as long as three years and there is a lot to manage.” She added, “Once our documents and workflows were loaded into the system and the initial development work was completed, DPS staff visited Cyprus to install the programs and train us. 

Throughout the whole process, DPS ensured the transition was as smooth as possible and now we have improved our efficiency tenfold.”


The previous working environment was difficult to manage, but by implementing Outlook Office, staff at Naomi Mehmet & Partners can work on multiple files, with multiple users accessing the same file simultaneously. In addition, Naomi Mehmet also signed for our legal accounting package, which fully integrates their accounts with DPS Outlook Office, giving them the ability to process and manage their multi-currency transactions effortlessly.

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