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Text  Message from Case Management 

DPS Case management software- TextAnywhere integration

Text message from Case Management direct allows you to keep clients informed. The beauty of this system is that it is integrated right into Case. This way it knows when certain stages are reached.  Instant text messages are then sent automatically to one or more parties automatically.

“Congratulations you’ve exchanged!”

These Instant text messages delivered at key points keep clients informed and up to date. It is always difficult to manage a large case load and provide excellent client services. The DPS text integration allows you to automatically engage with clients and work providers keeping everyone up to date.

These automated SMS alerts and reminders speed up the completion of tasks. What’s more the messages are firm branded so making sure you’v kept your firm in front of your clients at all points.

“Your payment is overdue!”

Credit controllers love it. They can chase for money in a a very direct manner without yet picking up a phone. They can also schedule texts to be delivered at certain times so making sure they are not lost in a busy day.

“Open Day for Wills – Sunday!”

You might want to send out bulk SMS marketing campaigns to promote new services or let clients know an appointment is due on a certain day at a certain time.

DPS partner with TextAnywhere to provide the SMS text from Case Management messaging capability automatically matched against your matters and cases.

DPS partner with TextAnywhere to provide this service which allows you to re-engage with past and current clients. It helps improve and quicken communications and take your marketing to the next level.

 Existing clients that are not using this service can contact client services for help with implementing this service. 

Integrations to third parties are fundamental to DPS. We integrate to provide our clients with services from other specialist providers including HMRC, land registry gateway and the MOJ claims portal.

If you are not yet using DPS and have any questions about our system and this integration, please contact us.

Text Message from Case Management

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