Your law firm can become paperless with DPS Spitfire. 

You can work from anywhere with DPS Spitfire.

As the system is fully web browser-based, you can access it from anywhere, on any device.

That means you can access all your cases from anywhere, on any device.

Access, amend, sign, share any document on your cases, you guessed it, anywhere, on any device.

In fact, you can manage your entire practice from your web browser and work not just towards a paperless office but a fully virtual one.

The webinar above shows you some of the ways that Spitfire can help you to achieve a paperless law firm, but there is so much more that we'd love to show you. So when you've finished with the webinar, complete the form and we'll do a demonstration just for you.

We'll show you how Spitfire can  take your firm towards a more agile, more secure and more productive future.

Automatically Onboard Clients

You can save time as well as paper by automatically onboarding clients with our opportunities module.

Record opportunities electronically and when they become clients, the client care pack is automatically emailed over to them.

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Keep documents safe in the cloud

By going paperless and having an electronic file, your data security increases immensely.

Rather than having physical files lying around your office or tucked away in drawers, your electronic files are safe and only accessible by your staff, and then, only those with the appropriate security permissions.

Increase productivity with Intelligent Workflows and Forms

The days of completing forms manually are long gone. No more will you have to spend hours entering data you already have somewhere else into a form.

With Spitfire, you get a massive library of forms included as standard. And all of these forms will be pre-populated with the data you already hold on the system.

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Create court bundles in seconds

Do you still collate paper bundles? Spending hours poring over each leaf of paper, ensuring they're in the right order? Maybe handwriting in the pagination, realising you've made a mistake and getting the Tipp-Ex out? Well stop.

In Spitfire you can find whatever documents you need in moments and add them to your bundle. You can put your documents in any order, create new groups and add a cover page.

Spitfire creates for you a court-compliant, fully indexed, paginated and bookmarked bundle in a matter of seconds.

From there you can easily make amendments and even create a Core Bundle.

Collaborate with clients and colleagues

As your documents are stored in one place, accessible from anywhere, collaboration with colleagues as you work from home becomes simple. Everyone has access to the same file wherever they are. Not the case if you have a paper file.

Sharing documents with clients becomes just as easy. With just a few clicks, your client can have a copy of a letter or form to complete from their mobile phone, which automatically saves in your file history.

Like this, except everyone's working from home
Like this, except everyone's working from home
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Manage incoming post more efficiently

Does somebody walk round your office handing out the day's post? How long does that take? And what do they do if a person isn't at their desk? Can they be sure the letter reaches the right person?

With Spitfire, you don't have to worry about any of this. Post is scanned in and then managed electronically, sent to the appropriate fee earner or supervisor and attached to the right case with a full audit trail to go with it.

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