Software for Law Firms

DPS Software offer a full suite of software to suit any law firm.

We offer practice, case and document management systems, legal accounts software, an online client portal as well as mobile applications for time recording, digital dictation and secure client communication.

Law Firm Software

Our range of software is perfect for law firms working in any practice area and promises to make any firm more efficient and productive.

Practice Management

Manage your practice more effectively.

Case Management Software

Work cases with speed and efficiency.

Document Management

Have greater control over your documents.

Legal Accounts Software

Manage your finances in a fully integrated accounts system.

Client Portal

Improve client service and save time for all involved.

Time Recording

Record time quickly and accurately on the go

Digital Dictation

Quickly create documents with the power of your voice.

Cloud Hosting

Let us manage your IT and improve your cashflow .

We have worked with law firms for over 35 years to improve our software and make practices more efficient, productive and profitable. Our UK-based team is large and growing, constantly striving to innovate and make our software even better.

We have a full support team available at the end of the phone to help with whatever issues you may have and our training team will help you get up and running when you first get started with DPS. The DPS Hub, our online training site will help any new starters get up to speed and will help you make the most out of your software.