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About DPS Software’s Public Sector Solutions

Having successfully worked with private sector law firms for over 30 years, in 2016, DPS Software ventured into the public sector and began developing software for lawyers in local government.

Working with our first client in the sector, LGSS Law, we developed a full suite of software to enable local authority legal departments to operate more efficiently and profitably.

We understand the pressures being faced by local authorities to reduce costs and to show the value of their work to the authority. With this understanding, we have built software that enables managers of public organisations to access all of the data that they will need to show how well their department is working and where they can make improvements.

All in all, local authorities and those operating using an ABS structure can find themselves at a great advantage by making greater use of the technology available to them.

You can find out more about this by watching ‘Public Sector Solutions’ a TV show appearing on SKY TV. You can watch the show here.

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The Competition & Markets Authority Remain Efficient in Lockdown with Remote Working

About the CMA The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) was launched in 2014 in order to rationalise competition policy in the UK and are now the UK’s key competition regulator. With tasks as complex as investigating breaches of anti-competitiveness agreements and abuses of dominant positions, they knew that a powerful case management system had to…

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Bi Borough’s Enjoy an Integrated Accountancy Process with DPS’s Outlook Office

About Bi-Borough London’s Bi Borough Shared Legal Services is a partnership between Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea councils. The two councils share departments to take advantage of economies of scale and to be more effective. One such department is the legal division, where they cover numerous different practice areas from childcare and highways to S106…

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Wokingham Borough Council Bolster Recruitment Strategy with Remote Working

Shared Legal Services (SLS) from Wokingham Borough Council and the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead began looking for a new case management system in early 2018. A key consideration for them was the ability to work remotely with the best security levels that were available. “It was vital that we had a system that’s…

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How to drive efficiency in the Public Sector using Legal Technology

The importance of making the right decision when replacing a law firm’s IT systems should not be underestimated, especially as cost efficiency and profitability are the main focus of its operations. However, extensive IT transformation is also of paramount importance to public sector legal departments where strict regulations are only part of the story. Local government organisations…

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How can software help to establish Governance in a legal department?

DPS Managing Director Osman Ismail recently provided an article regarding Governance for the ICSA. Below is a snippet.   “Governance, also known as “the establishment of policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of the governing body of an organization. It includes the mechanisms required to balance the powers of the members…

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Why DPS Software is the Partner of Choice for Local Authorities

Under constant pressure to become more efficient due to financial cutbacks, local authorities are always looking for new ways to become more efficient and make savings. This often includes looking at their IT provision, resulting in them approaching software management companies for assistance. With 30 years of experience in the legal sector, DPS Software is…

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LGSS Law win Practice Management Team of the Year with DPS

“The reporting systems greatly enhance our ability to obtain a greater degree of data that assists with our own internal management processes.” Company Profile Company Name: LGSS Law Ltd Number of Users: 160 Number of Offices: 3 Location(s): Bedfordshire; Cambridgshire; Northamptonshire Software Used: Outlook Office; DPS Financial Director LGSS Law Ltd provides legal services to…

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How DPS Spitfire can help your Local Authority Legal Department be more efficient

It is important for local authority legal departments to operate at peak efficiency and using DPS Spitfire can help you to do that. Our case management system is completely browser based, so you don’t have to install anything locally and can access your files from any device with a web browser.

This means you can work from anywhere with an internet connection (which, nowadays, is everywhere), so you can get a head start on your work while out of the office. You can manage your emails and diary, generate and complete forms in seconds and submit e-chits to your accounts team.

As your email, case management and legal accounts package (if you need it) is all integrated into one system, it saves you the time of having to use separate systems, but also means that everything works together seamlessly. Incoming and outgoing emails are automatically stored against the case file. If a new email comes in, you can go to that matter’s case file in just the click/tap of a button. You can see the full case history and financial information on a particular case at any given time, all from a single screen.

And the best part about all of this is that it has been tailored to the specific needs of a local authority legal department. We have in-built workflows, which provide you with all of the forms that you will need, that can be automatically completed with information you have already entered, preventing any double entry and duplication of work. But if any of this doesn’t match the way you can work, you have the power to change it.

DPS Spitfire is a Microsoft Azure product, so naturally integrates with Office 365, however, Spitfire will also integrate with Google’s G Suite, so whichever you use, DPS Spitfire will fit your organisation.


How to automate ID checking and AML for clients

Working from home and social distancing can make verifying your clients’ ID a little difficult. You can’t see them in person to check their driving license or passport, so when you have an entirely remote process, how do you know the person you’re dealing with are who they say they are? With integrated AML and…

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Manage you team from home more effectively

Working from home can make managing your team difficult. Are they coping with working from home and managing to do all their work? Maybe they’re doing too much to try and prove themselves. It’s important for you to be able to keep track of how they’re getting on, manage their workload and be able to…

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New Webinars Coming Soon…

Our 2020 webinar schedule will be coming soon…

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Solutions that have helped other Lawyers in the public sector

Case Management

Improve your department's efficiency with automated workflows and tasks.

Management Reporting

Monitor your departments efficiency and effectiveness.

Time Recording

Record time more accurately from a number of devices.


Create court-compliant, fully indexed and paginated court and core bundles in seconds.

Legal Accounts

SRA compliant software. Fully integrated with the CMS, you will have access to all of the case and financial information.

Client Portal

Collaborate with third parties, give your client access to milestones and documents and get forms completed online.


  • Web-based case management software built specifically for lawyers in local government
  • Full, seamless integration with your email, diary and legal accounts
  • Fully integrated with Office 365 and Google G Suite
  • Automatically generate and complete forms
  • Improve your organisations efficiency

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