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The DPS Software Working From Home Toolkit

Working from home is completely new for many of us and the lack of structure and familiarity that you get in the office can make working from home a little difficult to adapt to.

That is why we have collated a number of resources to help you get accustomed and thrive whilst working from home. We call it the Working from Home Toolkit.

Working from Home Webinar

We recently held a webinar to help you get to grips with working from home.

You can get a little taster for the webinar in the video opposite, but complete the form below to access the full video and see:

  • How to sign and send documents electronically
  • Securely share documents with your clients
  • How to use Microsoft Teams effectively when working from home
  • Managing your cases with DPS Spitfire and DPS Mobile.

Advice on Working from Home

Just because you're working from home, doesn't mean you have to be any less productive. In fact, you could be even more productive.

We've worked to put together a number of materials to help you during this strange and difficult time. Below, you'll find an interactive PowerPoint that gives you a wealth of information and also all of our articles on remote and agile working.